Hi! We're Josh and Alexa, a husband and wife photography team.

We began our journey together right before our sophomore year of high school — we started dating before we could even drive a car, much less know what we wanted to be when we grew up.

In high school, we not only discovered an affection for one another, but for photography as well. Realizing that we loved working together and that we worked really well as a team, we started dreaming about one day working together owning our own wedding photography business — an idea that seemed totally crazy at age 15.

But years later, we’re doing just that. We absolutely love working together, and feel beyond grateful to do what we do. With one of us having a degree in Film Production and the other Graphic Design, our creativity meets in the middle with photography. We have different artistic eyes for our subject matter, and complementary personalities and strengths — all things that make us a great team.

As a married couple, it is a joy working with couples who are beginning their lives as husband and wife together. We hope that you are one of them!